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Signs That You May Need A Dentist

There are some signs that mean it’s time to go see the dentist. We could be busy and we never go to the dentists or we’ve got a sweet tooth that we can’t seem to get rid of. Sometimes it’s too difficult to have something cold or hot. These are a few signs you need to go see the dentists.


The most common and the main reason most people visit the dentist is because of toothache. There many types of toothache. They range from tooth decay, dental trauma, teeth sensitivity etc. In the case of tooth decay, the tooth may have to be removed and if it’s a cavity, it may have to be filled.

For teeth sensitivity the dentist may recommend a medicine or a type of toothpaste to alleviate the sensitivity. There are different kinds of tooth sensitivity such as sensitivity to air, sweets, cold and heat and there will be different medicine for each type of sensitivity. There are over the counter medicine which helps with tooth ache but it is advised to go to a dentist if the pain doesn’t alleviate or continue.

Bleeding gums

There are many factors could result in bleeding gums. The ones with least issues are brushing too hard, flossing, and placement of dentures or braces. These issues are not serious in anyway and other than the bleeding due to the dentures, which will require you to go to the dentist to adjust it the brushing and flossing are avoidable.

The other reason may be due to gum disease or gingivitis. They are both curable but need immediate medical attention. In the case of gingivitis, the gums get swollen and painful for the touch. If there isn’t proper medical care gingivitis could progress to periodontitis which will result in tissue destruction and teeth loss.

Chipped, broken or discoloured teeth

This is not a disease or pain that requires you to go to the dentist but more of a cosmetic change. It would be embarrassing to smile or talk in public with discoloured and chipped teeth. Veneers in Dubai can be used in this case to fix the problem.

There may be other problems as well like missing teeth. This does not require a major surgery like most people believe. Most clinics have same day dental implants that could help with this matter and it’s a simple procedure.

Mouth sores

Cold sores and canker sores are examples of mouth sores. They usually go away after a few days and there are over the counter medication to medicate it. In the case the sore looks different or persists for over week, it’s always safe to see the dentist.

Bad breath

Bad breath may be due to what you eat but in some cases it can be continuous. It is best to get it checked if it persists because it could be an underlying disease.

These are the most common reasons we have to visit the dentists but it’s recommended that we should visit the dentist every 6 months for our safety. If you have no time be vary of the above reasons and make sure you visit a dentist when the symptoms start cropping up.