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How To Maintain Your Car?

Car maintenance is something a lot of people are not doing right. Without proper car maintenance the car will regularly break down. More break downs means more repairs and that means that will have to bear more costs because of not maintaining your vehicle properly. Here are few things you need to check and maintain. Link here to gain ideas about the best car battery suppliers in Dubai.

Tire pressure has to be checked. Make sure the tires are in their right pressure for optimal driving. The tires need to be changed if the tread wear is shown between the threads. When it comes to the windows there isn’t much to see. All you need to do is to make sure they are clean and not broken. While you are at it check the windshield wipers. They can easily be replaced if you happen to find the rubber torn or worn out. Check your lights. Park your car in front of a reflective surface and check it or you can simply get a friend or someone to check them for you. Make sure all of them are working and that they are working properly. These are enough for the exterior of the vehicle.

Moving on to the engine, the first thing you need to consider is the oil. Oil is really important for the car, without it the car will not be quiet and wont travel far. Learn how to check your oils properly by a mechanic and start doing it yourself. You will need to check your oil approximately every 3000 miles. Whether it is a Duracell car battery or AC Delco battery you need to check them out at least once a month no matter how good they are. Check for corrosion and clean them. When the batteries become old, replace them.

Check the brakes of the car if they are working perfectly. If there any noises do check them out immediately you can never say when they breaks might fail and end up in a very bad accident. Another thing you can check inside the engine is the belts of the engine. Some of them tend to get worn out over time.

When it comes to the interior of the car make sure you clean inside thoroughly. Use a small hand held vacuum and clean the inside of the car. Get the carpets out and wash them. Check the radio player if it is working. If you give the car for service they will wax it for you. Always try to keep the interior as clean as possible.