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How To Become An Innovator?

Innovations play an important role in the world by helping the people to do their day to day tasks in a simpler and in a more convenient manner. It is correct if one says that it is the innovations that make the society advanced day by day. People with innovative ideas are encouraged by different authorities in almost all the countries by awarding them and by facilitation them to protect their rights. It is very important that every person with innovative ideas get to know how they can become an innovator. Following tips are to help you understand how you can become an innovator.
Industrial use
In order to create an innovation it is essential that there be an industrial use of what you are innovating. In other words the product or the process you are inventing must be able to help the day today problem in human life or it must be able to be used by the society. Therefore it is important that you keep a watchful eye as to the day to day functions of human life. When you observe them you will start to get ideas on different ways you can make a certain human dealing simpler. For an instance unlike the past now the office chair Dubai has wheels as some innovative thinker saw the workers standing up and moving often and came up with the method to make it simpler.
Novelty factor
In order to create an invention it is essential that you introduce something new. That is the product or process you are introducing to the world should not be one that is easily foreseen or one that is already made as that is not going to satisfy the novelty factor. This is strictly tested when granting patents as patent holders have rights to protect their invention from being copied and produced by some other person. You need to know and observe the existing equipment in order to introduce something new. You can visit a working place and observe the operation of machinery and use of equipment and you will be able to introduce some novel office furniture in Dubai that was not even thought of by any other person. The moment you are assured that your invention is a novel one you need to try to get a patent according to the requirements in your country.
Protecting rights
Protecting rights is an important topic that every innovator should give considerable attention to. It is required that you prove that you have created an invention and in order to get the recognition and protection of your rights you need to go to an authority that is responsible for intellectual property rights. If some person who also had the similar invention registers his invention before yours, your one will merely be regarded as a copy and you need to protect your rights if you want to become an innovator.