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How To Decide If Starting A Business In The UAE Is The Correct Thing For You

Building up a business from ground up isn’t easy. Each of your decisions have to be carefully though through. Your time, money, and even your health is often tested in the path of success. But once you’ve got past the first few hurdles, and once you begin to see real success, you’d realize that all that sacrifices that you had to do in order to reach this goal was well worth it.
As a businessman, taking risks is a thing you a probably well familiar with. But when thinking of wading into the middle eastern markets, that too in the UAE, it’s possible that you may feel that the risks are a little too much for you and your enterprise. But how do you decide if this is the right decision for you? We hope that reading what we have to say about it bellow will help you make that decision.

Where you place your company makes a huge difference.

And by where, we mean which city or state in the UAE. Each state has different rules and regulations in related to businesses; which also means intercity business may get complicated. For example, though a business is Dubai may feel more appealing than another city, it is also slightly more expensive. And Dubai has different rules for businesses, depending whether it’s based onshore, offshore or in the free zone (Eg: onshore and offshore company registration in Dubai may differ from the free zone).

How much you have at hand needs to be taken account to.

If you plan to start business in Dubai, and if you want to enter the market with a splash, then no doubt, you know that a little spending is called for. Setting up shop in the free zone is probably the least meddlesome, but unfortunately, it’s also fairly expensive. And as it’s quite far away from the hot and happening, if it’s a business that requires you to set up near the city, it simply won’t so. Also, don’t forget that you need to show the ministry of commerce that you have a substantial amount of money once you’ve registered your business.

How often you can be there makes a difference.

Are you planning on running this company by proxy? Is it simply a branch of your main company that will not require you to be there physically? If so, this might be a problem. Unless you have a very capable and charismatic “middleman” to handle your business completely in the UAE, your business might be doomed from the start. This is because the country is pretty much “in-person” favored. The more you are willing to have personal contact with your clients, and the more familiar they are with you, the better it is for you company.

Trust us, emails and phone calls will only take you a short distance in this case…