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Buying The Right Flowers For The Right Occasions

It is important that we know what flowers we should buy for the right occasions. These occasions could include a birthday, funeral, date and many more. Below is a guide on how to buy the right flowers for the right occasions. Link here to gain ideas about the gift for a birthday.


Usually anniversary flowers would be Roses. It could be pink, red or white. Other flowers that can used for an anniversary are Daffodil, Daisy, Aster, Iris and Lily. It is best to avoid yellow flowers as they represent friendship and in the case of yellow Carnations, they represent disappointment.


Each month has its own flowers. January has Carnations, February has Violets, March has Daffodils, April has Daisies, May has Lilies, June has Roses, July has Larkspur, August has Gladiolus, September has Aster, October has Marigold, November has Chrysanthemums and December has Poinsettia. Therefore depending on the month the flowers can be bought. It is not a must that the flowers be bought for the corresponding month, other than yellow Carnations any other yellow flowers would do as it symbolises friendship, optimism and joy. It is also important to note that flowers should not be bought and kept for days. It is best bought from the flowershop on the day of the birthday if you need the flowers to be fresh when presenting it.


Orchids, Tulips and Dandelions are perfect for a date as they are pleasant and not overwhelming flowers. It is best to handover the flowers at the front door so your date does not have to carry the flowers around during the date.


Flowers for funerals are generally sent directly to the funeral parlor. This can be done through a flower delivery Dubai service. Flowers are usually sent as a wreath. It is symbolized as a tribute to the diseased. Usually the flower wreath would contain Chrysanthemums, Lilies or white Roses. Colours do mean a lot at a funeral. Colours such as blue, white and green invoke a sense of peace, humility and calmness. Orange, red and bright colours are not suitable for funerals.

Get well flowers

It is advised to be careful when taking flowers to the hospital due to flower allergies and it would make a sick person even worse. It is best to get flowers that have a low fragrance. Tulips, Irises and Gladioli are great flowers to give someone in hospital. If the recipient is at home a bright coloured would life their spirits. Flowers such as Marigold would be suitable. Further the colour green symbolized health and well-being.


We should convey are emotions through the flowers we take to each occasion. Therefore it would be very helpful if we knew what flowers we are going to take and it would be pleasant for the recipient.